CSG's Strategic Plan in Action

The ink has settled on the final version of “Inspiring Girls, Cultivating Leaders,” CSG’s bold strategic plan for 2016-2021. Now, the real work has begun in transforming ideas into reality. In the fall of 2016, Head of School, Jennifer Ciccarelli, passed the baton to Sarah Brewer, Dean of Faculty, to begin leading a carefully selected team of faculty, staff, and administrative team members in the next phase of the strategic plan – implementation. Throughout the next several years, these teams will lead the challenging work of breathing life into ideas and solidifying CSG’s position as the premier school for educating central Ohio’s brightest girls.

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Read the Strategic Plan in detail below or click here for the pdf version.

Inspiring Girls. Cultivating Leaders.

Strategic Plan. 2016-2021

All Girl. By Design.

We are Columbus School for Girls, a college preparatory school founded in 1898, dedicated exclusively to girls’ intellectual, social, and emotional growth. Throughout our history, we have artfully and thoughtfully crafted a robust academic program, including enriching arts and athletics combined with a culture of social, emotional, and physical wellness. Our environment and our mission empower girls to discover their distinct potential as learners and leaders.

Why “all girl”? We are “all girl by design”. We know that the national research on single-sex education supports our mission. CSG girls do not just have equal opportunity, they have every opportunity. They are bold risk-takers who put academic work first and are able to reach their full academic potential. But, “all girl” means so much more than merely “all girls.”

Inspiring Girls. Cultivating Leaders

Given our distinct mission and heritage, it is evident that we are uniquely qualified to inspire the next generation of female leaders. We are experts at teaching girls and at helping them to develop confidence. We have carefully crafted a holistic, individualized environment that prepares our girls to become successful college students. We have created a culture that ensures they develop their inner strength, grace, and voice to become leaders--in the workplace, the community, and the world--well beyond college. We are experts at teaching girls to discover their distinct potential as learners and leaders.

Simply stated, we inspire girls to be leaders. We cultivate women of influence.

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Lead >

To lead is to influence. We inspire girls to grow into women of influence. Our distinct all-girl heritage provides us unique expertise in cultivating confident, poised, healthy women who are capable of flourishing in any culture, community, and economy. CSG girls develop the skills and dispositions to be women of influence in a global context, shaping their communities for the greater good.

Deepen >

Learning at CSG is innovative, relevant, compelling, and connected. Academic excellence is a commitment to a balance of rigor and wellness. CSG’s curriculum reflects national standards and best practices, while being mindful of our increasingly global, interconnected world. We seek to continuously examine what works and what could be improved, being nimble, responsive, thoughtful, and reflective as we better serve the needs of each student.

Flourish >

For over one hundred years, CSG has been a national leader in all-girls’ education. We understand that in order to continue to provide a stellar education into the twenty-second century, we must ensure that we have the resources to sustain and support our ambitious goals through enrollment, philanthropy, and sound fiscal management and forecasting. Being mindful of the impact that national and local trends in the economy have on our community, CSG will continue to look outward, being proactive, strategic and responsive, as we plan for our future.

Thrive >

CSG regards arts and athletics as critical components of academic excellence. Both arts and athletics help students to build core competencies such as teamwork, risk-taking, resilience, problem-solving, creativity, and collaboration, as well as self-esteem, integrity, and discipline. These skills and habits of mind are critical to both an excellent education, and to the development of 21st-century citizens. CSG is committed to providing the resources to ensure that CSG students can thrive on the stage, on the field, in the pool, on the track, and on the court, as well as in the classroom and in the world beyond CSG.