Our Core Values

core values


At CSG, we make decisions by putting the girls and our school first. We do that with a love for teaching and learning that is grounded in trust, excellence, and persistence. We believe that this approach is fundamental to an empowering learning environment where we keep individuals in mind and our community at heart. 

We make decisions by putting our girls and the school first 
• Compelled by the all-girl experience 
• Invested in moving our school forward 
• Understand both the big picture and the little details 

We love teaching and learning 
• Create exceptional learning experiences by working across all divisions 
• Believe in curiosity and wonder 
• Recognize that we are all lifelong learners 

We trust one another and assume the best in others 
• Build authentic relationships from a place of positivity 
• Connect with kindness, humility, respect, and empathy 
• Understand when to lead with strength and when to act with grace 

We deliver excellence and high-quality work 
• Desire to share the very best of CSG with our internal and external constituents 
• Explore how innovation in education guides best practice 
• Seek to exceed expectations to meet our goals 

We operate with a growth mindset 
• Take responsibility for our actions, seeking collaboration and feedback 
• Celebrate and acknowledge our successes and persist through challenges 
• Focus on solutions as self-aware and creative problem-solvers 

We are individual in mind and community at heart 
• Value individuals’ perspectives, background, and opinions as members of this community 
• Embrace and celebrate diversity and differences, while prioritizing inclusion and equity 
• Demonstrate culturally responsive practices in and out of the classroom
• Understand that one’s effectiveness in the larger community comes when wellness and self-care are prioritized