Mandarin IV Explores Business in China
Kelly Privette

What does it mean to be “Made in China?”

CSG’s Mandarin IV class, composed primarily of seniors and taught by Mandarin faculty member Ping Wu, has recently been exploring this very question in their class unit "Made In China". The class is studying the history of manufacturing in China, foreigners doing business in China, and changes in the Chinese business world. 

Recently the class hosted a guest speaker, Martin Papp, who is the founder of Papp’s Tea, a premium tea brand based in Beijing, China. Mr. Papp, who was born and raised in Colorado, first visited China as a foreign exchange student and was briefly on a Chinese talent show as a musician before becoming a tea entrepreneur. 

During his interview with the Mandarin IV class, Mr. Papp shared his thoughts on tea culture, cultural differences between China and the U.S., challenges he faced in his business, his business plans for the future, and the increasing significance of social media in businesses in China. He even offered the students suggestions on how they might start a business of their own.

Mr. Papp also promised that, in the future, when Papp’s Tea is available in the U.S., CSG’s Mandarin IV class will be first in line for a tea sampling.

Ms. Wu has tentatively scheduled 3 more guest speakers to connect with the Mandarin IV class to discuss other aspects of business in China and China in general.