Leadership Center Blog - April 2022
Sarah Sole

In the second installment of a monthly blog series, Director of CSG's Center for Girls' and Young Women's Leadership, Dr. Emily Krichbaum, explores Women's History Month.

Happy Women’s History Month from the Center for Girls’ and Young Women’s Leadership!

Now, before you remind me that it is April and Women’s History Month is “over”, I ask you to reconsider how we celebrate Women’s history. 

As a former history professor, I can appreciate a month devoted to female trailblazers and torchbearers. But, I wonder what it might look like if we extended the celebration by dedicating the following 11 months to making women’s history. 

What if we viewed April as the starting line and March as the glorious finish line? 

What if we spent our year creating more history to celebrate in March?

I never had the opportunity to sit down with Fannie Lou Hamer or Justice Sandra Day O’Connor or Amelia Earhart. But, I’d like to think that they’d tell me the best way to celebrate and honor them is to build on their legacy. Spend less time memorializing and more time mobilizing.

What can you do today to change your daughters’ tomorrows? 
Your students’ tomorrows? 
Your friends’ tomorrows?
Your colleagues’ tomorrows?

Oftentimes, we work under the false assumption that historical change only occurs with grandiose gestures, sweeping legislation, monumental elections, and million-man marches. But history can also be made by supporting a young girl’s ambition, identifying and affirming her strengths, building her bravery and confidence, positioning her to learn a new skill, normalizing healthy risks and failure, and exposing her to new opportunities and individuals. It’s these moments that build on one another that make history. 

As we move into April, I urge us to toe the starting line, remember those trailblazers, and dedicate these next 11 months to making them proud.