Ibel Family Donates Original Piece by Columbus Artist Lisa McLymont
Brittany Westbrook

The art collection in CSG’s Ruch Dining Room recently gained a new addition with the installation of an original piece by Columbus Artist Lisa McLymont.

The piece, entitled You are the reason I smile, was donated by Rebecca McCabe Ibel '84 and the Ibel family, longtime supporters of the School. 

McLymont is a self-identified multi-media sculptor,  who has a creative drive rooted in the influences of her father’s love of independence and music, her mother’s love of creative expression and spirituality, and their shared love of beauty. Lisa’s art is mainly expressed through portrait paintings and sculpted metals. According to her website,  her ongoing series – The Universe Tribe – is focused on identity and inspired by the powerful style of protest posters, the movement of the seasons, and the soft mystery of artists Leo & Diane Dillon, Georgia O’Keefe, and Susan Seddon Boulet, from whom she draws inspiration.

“I enjoy how portraits move people to talk with each other and see new perspectives,” McLymont says on her website. 

That exchange of viewpoints will be encouraged for years to come as the artwork takes up residence on the North wall of the PYC side of the dining room. 


Learn more about Lisa McLymont’s body of work.