From the Screen to the Classroom
Molly Brewer, 10TV News

Taking a brain break can make a difference when it comes to academics in Form I.

by Molly Brewer, 10TV News

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Thanks to technology, classrooms in today's world can do more.

Kids today can stay active or even calm down, all while learning new lessons.

"Usually when we kind of like, get distracted, we usually do a brain break," said Ava Coleman, a first grade student at Columbus School for Girls (CSG).

Sometimes it just takes a brain break, as the kids at CSG say, to get back on task.

"The purpose is to kind of give them a chance to sort of let loose," said Shelby Heider, a first grade teacher at CSG.

Videos like GoNoodle aim to get students out of their seats and moving each day.

"There's so much research evidence that play is such a critical part of child development, and so this gives them an opportunity to do that play, to engage in some gross and fine motor skills, to make some curricular connections as well, while they're doing that," Heider said.

Tools like YouTube videos can go beyond silly dances.

Some bring educational lessons, even calming techniques right into the classroom.

"Before we use GoNoodle , we're a little hyper, I guess, and when we use GoNoodle, we're not hyper," said Eva Wood, a first grade student at CSG.

Meditation is a big part of many of the videos, Heider said.

"Those videos really help the girls to recognize emotions that they are feeling," she said. "It's really important that children know how to have the language that goes along with their emotions and a lot of those videos give them that language."

The GoNoodle videos are just one part of the technology used in this classroom and others across central Ohio for everyday learning.

Students use tools like Epic Reading, a digital library offering more than 35,000 books, and ScratchJr, a fun program teaching kids to code.

Heider explained that with balance, the technology can serve as a great classroom supplement.

"When it's used in this really constructive way that's really beneficial, that's helping them with their social-emotional development," she said. "When it's helping them with their academic growth and even their physical development, it's using it in just the right amount in those really targeted ways that really helps you see the benefits of technology and the ways that children can use it in really positive ways."

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