2019 Convocation highlights individuality and community at CSG
Brittany Westbrook

The Class of 2020 starts its final year at CSG.

CSG students, faculty, staff, parents, and alumnae gathered in the Crane Gym for the 2019 Convocation Friday, August 23, to start the school year and honor the Class of 2020 as they begin their final year at CSG. In her remarks, Student Council President Erin Solomon ‘20 talked about how much she has appreciated the powerful educational opportunity she has had as a CSG student.

“Please remember how fortunate we all are to attend CSG -- a school that realizes that teaching us character, hard work, and integrity is just as important as calculus," Erin said. "Because that is what sets CSG students aside from others in college and in the workforce. That is what gives me full confidence that in 5,10,20  years from now I am going to be in awe of what my classmates have accomplished as businesswomen, engineers, artists, CEOs, athletes, politicians, doctors, and more.”

Head of School Jennifer Ciccarelli highlighted the School’s 2019-20 theme and one of CSG’s Core Values: "We are individual in mind and community at heart." 

“I appreciate that we keep individuals in mind and our community at heart: At CSG, we think of an education that is not just of the mind, but of the heart, too. We hope that you will leave CSG having an excellent education that includes the way you think about others—how you support each other, the CSG community, and the wider communities of which we are all part. A CSG education is a privilege and with that privilege comes the duty to serve and support others.” 

Convocation ushers in the new school year. It is a time for the entire school community
to listen to messages from the Head of School and Student Council Presidents in the
formal Chapel style, complete with flags, service, and official uniforms. The opening
assembly is an inspiring and distinctive tradition that spans the School’s history.

The annual assembly was followed by the ice cream social featuring sweet treats from Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams.

Read Head of School Jennifer Ciccarelli’s full remarks here.

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