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CSG’s computer science programming highlighted in global journal

Columbus School for Girls recently had the opportunity to share a pretty “sweet” computer science project with a global audience. 

Lower School Computer Science Faculty Karen Scranton and Dr. Shannan Palma, Vice President, Continuing Education with HER Academy, authored an article about a robotics project based on the TV show Baking Impossible for Form VI students that appeared in the June issue of Hello World, a global journal for computer science teachers. 

The project was designed as a result of the partnership between CSG and HER Academy, a nonprofit that works with schools to build computer science programming to support and encourage girls and young women. Drawing inspiration from the melding of baking and engineering on the popular Netflix show, Scranton and Dr. Palma designed a project that would allow students to have hands-on experience integrating coding and physical computing. 

In Baking Impossible, bakers and engineers work together to create devices constructed from edible materials and robotics parts. For their project, Scranton and Dr. Palma had CSG students use coding and critical thinking skills they practiced in a previous problem-solving exercise to build a cargo container from graham crackers and royal icing that would sit atop a robot and hold a marshmallow. The robots would then need to go through an obstacle course of sorts without losing their marshmallows. 

To learn more about the project, read the article here.