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COSI Science Fest

Thank you for joining CSG at this year's COSI Science Festival!

CSG is committed to encouraging and engaging students’ interest in STEM- Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. At CSG we incorporate STEM throughout the curriculum for all of our students age 3 to grade 12. Our math, science and engineering classes use a collaborative problem-solving process along with laboratory skills, data analysis techniques, and scientific principles to solve real world problems. Students erase, reconsider, and redesign as they work their way through engineering challenges, compete in Robotics, and conduct independent design challenges. An appreciation for the collaborative nature and human applications of engineering and computing keep our students engaged in these critical fields and lead many to pursue STEM careers.

Want to code your own robot and build pressure rockets at home? Scroll down and learn how!


Block-based coding with Lower School Computer Science teacher, Karen Scranton.

Meet Ms. Scranton

In Lower School, students learn how to think systematically and logically through coding problems using a variety of age appropriate tools. In our COSI Science Fest video, students are using a program called Blockly to code their Dash robots to do all kinds of fun things!

Start coding your Dash robot now with these helpful tips!


Pressure rockets with Middle School Science teacher, Julie Biswas.

Meet Ms. Biswas

Our 8th grade students are currently learning about Newton's Laws. In our COSI Science Fest video, Ms. Biswas shows Newton's third law in action with pressure rockets! Are you ready to try this at home? Take 1 film canister and fill it half way with water, break an Alka-Seltzer tablet in half, place the half tablet in the film canister and quickly put the cap on the film canister, turn it upside down, and set it on a flat surface (surface and surroundings should be able to get wet), wait, and POP! Here is what you will need:

1 Film canister

1/2 Alka-Seltzer tablet

Water to fill the film canister half-way up.