Leadership & Mission

Mission Statement

At CSG we empower girls to discover their distinct potential as learners and leaders.

Head of School - Jennifer Ciccarelli

Jennifer M. Ciccarelli is the Head of School at Columbus School for Girls where the mission is empowering girls to discover their distinct potential as learners and leaders. Committed to serving girls’ schools and to the holistic development of girls, she previously served as the
Assistant Director/Acting Director at The Winsor School, a highly regarded grade 5-12 girls’ school in Boston. Before taking that position, Jennifer was the Academic Dean of The Girls’
Middle School in the San Francisco Bay area and spent the first 10 years of her career as a lower and middle school teacher at Greenwich Academy, another highly regarded girls’ school in the New York Metropolitan area. Ms. Ciccarelli earned a B.A. from Wheaton College (Norton, MA), an M.A.T. in Elementary Education from Manhattanville College, and an M.Ed. in Education Leadership as a Klingenstein Fellow at Teachers College, Columbia University.


Board of Trustees

Officers/Executive Board

Michael Glimcher P’14, P’20, Board Chair 
Lisa Young P’21, Treasurer and Finance Chair 
Steve Falk P’18, P’22, Secretary 
Chris Olsen P’30, P’32, Nominating & Board Governance Chair 
David Paragas P’20, Diversity Chair 
Cecily Alexander ’88 P’20, P’22, P’24, At Large 
Christopher Graham P’24, At Large 
John Sokol P’18, P’20, At Large 
Rocky Robins P’20, P’28, Ex Officio/Immediate Past Board Chair 
Jennifer Ciccarelli P’28, Ex Officio/Head of School 

Board Members

Carrie Birch 
Jordan Davis 
Jonathan Feibel, M.D. P’16, P’19 
David Feinberg P’21, P’21 
Kate Carlin Giller ’87 P’16, P’21 
Kimberly Lowe Hall ‘91 
Nancy Jeffrey, Lifetime Member P’70, P’72, P’75 
Liza Kessler ‘86 
David McCurdy P’20 
Stokes McIntyre P’26, P’28 
Susan Merryman P’19 
Robert Polite, D.O. P’19 
Ira Sharfin P’18, P’22, P’22 
Davina Shayani P’20 
Elizabeth Siemer ’89 P’26 
Mark Wagenbrenner P’17, P’19, P’23 
Anne Jeffrey Wright ‘70 
Patti Ziegler P’19 

Ex Officio

JoVonna Moxley-Knapp ‘96, Alumnae Board President 
Paul Kuproski P’19, Co-President Parents’ Association Z
LaTawnia Wallace P’17, P’23, P’27, P’28, Co-President Parents’ Association 

CSG Staff

Julie Eikenberry, Chief Financial Officer 
Amy Borntrager, Chief Development Officer 
Chelsea Woods ‘00, Director of Enrollment Management 

Administrative Team

Head of School
Jennifer Ciccarelli
Ext. 101

Chief Financial Officer
Julie Eikenberry
Ext. 127

Chief Development Officer
Amy Borntrager
Ext. 130

Director of Program for Young Children
Jamie Schiff
Ext. 108

Director of Lower School
Betsy Gugle
Ext. 110

Director of Upper School
Pam Hartshorne
Ext. 120

Interim Director of Upper School & Dean of Faculty
Sarah Brewer
Ext. 327

Director of Enrollment Management
Chelsea Woods
Ext. 241

Director of Marketing & Communications
Brittany Westbrook
Ext. 118

Director of Athletics
Megan Henry
Ext. 139