Accreditation & Professional Groups

The Columbus School for Girls is an accredited institution and enjoys recognition from several professional groups.

Independent Schools Association of the Central States

"The Independent Schools Association of the Central States (ISACS) is a membership organization of more than 230 independent schools from 13 states of the Midwest region. The purpose of ISACS is to promote the development of strong learning communities characterized by high achievements, social responsibility, and independence of governance, programs and policies. This goal is achieved through a rigorous accreditation process, targeted professional development programs, and focused support services."

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National Association for the Education of Young Children

"The National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) is dedicated to improving the well-being of all young children, with particular focus on the quality of educational and developmental services for all children from birth through age 8. NAEYC is committed to becoming an increasingly high performing and inclusive organization. Founded in 1926, NAEYC is the world's largest organization working on behalf of young children with nearly 100,000 members, a national network of over 300 local, state, and regional Affiliates, and a growing global alliance of like-minded organizations. Membership is open to all individuals who share a desire to serve and act on behalf of the needs and rights of all young children."

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National Association of Independent Schools

"The National Association of Independent Schools, governed by a board of trustees and staffed by approximately 40 individuals, is a membership organization and the national voice of independent education. NAIS represents approximately 1,400 independent schools and associations in the United States, and affiliates with independent schools abroad as well.

The NAIS mission is rooted in the core values of independence, interdependence, inclusivity, and innovation. We believe the freedoms derived from independence and self-determination are deserving of preservation, worthy of emulation, and a source of the success of independent schools in preparing students to contribute effectively toward a peaceful, prosperous, just, and equitable world. The National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS) exists to represent and sustain schools that are self-determining in mission and program, free from government control, and governed by independent boards. NAIS serves independent schools, adjusting focus as emerging issues dictate. NAIS is a hub of resources and expertise on matters relating to schools. We embrace innovation, powered by creativity; networking; and energy around valuing, sustaining, and growing independent schools. The practice of NAIS is high tech and high touch, high performance and high integrity."

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National Coalition of Girls’ Schools

"The National Coalition of Girls' Schools (NCGS) is a leading advocate for girls' education. Believing that girls' schools are the most powerful, transformative learning environments for girls, NCGS seeks to document the unique qualities that best define the girls' school experience. To this end, NCGS conducts research, promotes best practices, supports public outreach activities, and sponsors academic conferences with a focus on girls and learning. It serves its Member Schools as they prepare young women to be the visionaries and leaders who will make the world a better one for all."

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The Ohio Association of Independent Schools

"The Ohio Association of Independent schools (OAIS) is a non-profit organization of pre-primary, elementary, middle and secondary schools whose purpose is to support and advance independent education in Ohio. It does so by:

  • Working to foster and preserve independence and freedom of choice in education;
  • Encouraging collaboration among member schools and cooperation with other regional and national educational organizations for the ultimate benefit of Ohio’s students;
  • Providing leadership and support to member schools in developing and maintaining the highest possible standards of educational program and professional and ethical conduct;
  • Serving as an advocate of Ohio independent schools by providing information and leadership on educational issues to the state government, Department of Education, and before the broader community."

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