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Golden Unicorn Society

golden unicorn society

As CSG celebrates its 125th anniversary, we reflect on the past and think about our future. 
Our mission since the beginning has been to empower girls to discover their distinct potential as learners and leaders. We are grateful to have had many generous and visionary members of our community throughout our long history who have demonstrated their commitment to our mission through philanthropy.

One of the most meaningful ways you can help CSG prepare for its future is by making a planned gift. A planned gift refers to a charitable contribution that is arranged in advance, typically as part of an individual's estate planning or financial strategy. It involves designating a portion of one's assets or estate to be donated to a nonprofit organization or charitable cause upon the donor's death or at a future date.

Planned gifts are often made through various financial instruments, such as wills, trusts, life insurance policies, charitable gift annuities, or charitable remainder trusts. These gifts allow individuals to leave a lasting legacy and provide ongoing support to organizations or causes they care about, even after their lifetime.

We honor individuals who make a planned gift by inviting them to participate in the Golden Unicorn Society. 

There is no minimum amount or percentage of estate that qualifies you for membership in the Golden Unicorn Society—only your desire to make a planned gift by signing a Golden Unicorn Society planned gift agreement. New and existing plans qualify.

Joining the Golden Unicorn Society is as simple as putting CSG in your estate plans and letting us know you’ve done so. Talk to your financial planner today about these mutually beneficial deferred giving options. 

Members of the Golden Unicorn Society are among our most devoted supporters and are remembered in perpetuity for their commitment to CSG. As we celebrate this milestone anniversary, we hope you will consider joining the Golden Unicorn Society by making a planned gift. If you are interested, please complete the Golden Unicorn Society Future Fund Form and submit it to Development Office.

For more information, please contact Lisa Dodge at or 614-252-0781 ext. 132.

Golden Unicorn Society Members

Carolyn Thomas Christy '60
Jennifer Rose Damme '73
Debora and Ira Kane
Andrea Krupman '84
June Loving '55
Susan Culter Meiling '61
Jane Power Mykrantz '52
Lesley Wilson Schaab '70
Mary Jane Trapp '74
Elizabeth Werth '65
Janie Marr Werum '70
Caron Zand '74