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Columbus School for Girls' Quasquicentennial

CSG's 125th crest reads: Columbus School for Girls, 125, 1898 Forte et Gratum 2023, one mission | two founders | five generat

Columbus School for Girls welcomes our entire community—students, parents, alumnae, faculty and staff, and friends—to celebrate the School’s 125th anniversary. While the world has changed dramatically in the century and a quarter since the School’s founding, the need for an all-girls environment specifically designed and curated to support and empower young women remains. CSG’s quasquicentennial celebrations are centered around three truths about Columbus School for Girls:

1 Mission

For 125 years, Columbus School for Girls has empowered girls and young women to discover their distinct potential as learners and leaders. This mission has guided our principles and actions throughout our history and leads us forward into the future.

2 Founders

On September 22, 1898, Mary Bole Scott and Florence Kelley established Columbus School for Girls, the first all-girl college preparatory school in Franklin County, a radical notion at the time. CSG began as a humble space where two revolutionary women led a small classroom of girls daring to learn more and do more, and the School continues to build upon its forward-looking legacy by creating cutting-edge programs and curricula that pave the way for today’s learners and tomorrow’s leaders.

5 Generations

Every 25 years, CSG has welcomed a new generation of students. With five generations and 125 years in our history, we have seen over 4,000 fierce students-turned-graduates learn to know their power and use their voices.

As we recognize CSG’s 125 years of impact our beloved school has had and will have on generations of girls and young women, we ask that you join us in remembrance, in gratitude, and in celebration. Please read on to learn more about our planned festivities, ways to give back, and how to support our current and future students. 


Join us for a party 125 years in the making!

Quasquicentennial Events

Celebrating our history and making new memories.


Cherishing our history and traditions.

Golden Unicorn Society

Reflecting on our past and thinking about our future.