Since 1898, Columbus School for Girls has instilled in girls and young women the strength and grace (“forte et gratum”) to discover their distinct potential. Miss Kelley and Miss Scott founded the School to offer an alternative to the “finishing schools” that were common educational options for girls at the dawn of the twentieth century. Their commitment to serious academic preparation for girls is clearly in evidence on CSG’s campus today. Visit an Upper School classroom to see students create a robot to compete in the FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) robotics program. Listen in on a humanities class in the Middle School to hear students engaged in a lively literature discussion, combing their texts for evidence to support their interpretation of a given passage. Observe a group of geometry students huddled around a white board working through a complex proof. The keen observer notes deep levels of engagement all over the school.

At every turn, one experiences interactions that are infused with the gracious warmth borne of mutual respect and a sincere appreciation for the unique gifts CSG offers to its community members. Teachers are passionate about the disciplines they teach, enthusiastically sharing knowledge with their students. Students, in turn, think boldly and own their learning experience. The result of these student-teacher relationships is an academic community in which each student reaches her fullest potential as a scholar, as an athlete, as an artist, and, most important, as a compassionate human being.

The sense of community that permeates CSG can be found on the playing fields, in art studios, and on stage as well as in the classroom. From the School’s founding, arts and athletics have been regarded as crucial to a complete education for young women. Our 21 st -century perspective reinforces this concept. Working together toward a common goal, taking risks, rebounding from disappointments that often coincide with being part of a sports team or play cast, thinking creatively and solving problems in unique ways: all of these are experiences that breed qualities essential to our students’ success after CSG. They are fostered and honed through engagement with the arts and athletics.

CSG values community in all of its rich, diverse complexity. We understand that our graduates will follow alumnae into a world that is increasingly complex and interconnected. CSG’s commitment to fostering a sense of community that honors individuals and understands that the ability to navigate a world of people whose experiences, background, and perspective are different from one’s own, is both critical to a complete 21 st -century education and essential to success in the world.

I am thrilled that you are interested in Columbus School for Girls. Whether you are a prospective student or parent, an alumna, or friend of the school, I invite you to come to campus to experience how we encourage girls to discover their true voices and embrace their full potential. Combining a passion for learning with a deep level of self-confidence, CSG students make an impact on the world. Imagine what your daughter will do.

Jennifer Ciccarelli
Head of School