Distance learning at CSG:
Learning, leading, and connecting is what we do at CSG, and these days we are creatively sticking to our core.

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Tuition Assistance and Merit Scholarships

At CSG, we don’t want finances to stand between us and the best students in central Ohio.

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Pre-schoolers ask hundreds of questions a day.
We welcome every, single one.

Explore our Reggio-Emilia Early Childhood Program for girls ages 3-6

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Strength & Grace

When teamwork, strategy, and leadership combine, you get athletics at CSG

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She will know her power.

It is not just a statement. This is our promise.
Learn why girls do best in an environment created specifically for them.

The all-girl advantage

The power of relationships at Columbus School for Girls.

"I see you not just as one of my students, but as a person with all of these other talents and interests beyond Spanish. It’s wonderful to get to know the kids like this, and I think it really helps because when I know you, and you feel known, and you feel like i’m going to support you in whatever you do and help you however I can, then you give back to us.”
-Steve Pryor, Upper School Spanish Teacher.


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Program for Young Children

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CSG By the Numbers


Students of color for 2018-19


Upper School students participate in CSG athletics programs

$2 million

In need based financial aid awarded in 2018-19 to 31% of student body*

*includes tuition remission to CSG employees

3 Campuses

Cynthia's Woods: 100 acre nature preserve

Kirk Campus: 66 acre athletic facility

Main Campus: Full city block


Average student faculty ratio


Active members of a national and international alumnae network

Advanced Courses

15 AP Courses
8 Honors Courses


Student performances on average each year

Big Little

Sister program was initiated in 1904 to build relationships between younger and older students - the program continues today


CSG faculty hold advanced degrees


Average Upper School class size

All 5

CSG students represent all 5 major religions

Here is a partial list of where our students have enrolled. Click here to see the full list.

University of Miami
University of Dayton
University of Colorado at Boulder
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Spelman College logo
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mount holyoke logo
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