Curriculum Overview

All Upper School students are encouraged to view themselves as collaborators in the educational process.

Entering the Upper School area of Columbus School for Girls, there is a sense of dynamic energy as students and teachers move from one class to another, ready to tackle the day's academic challenges. The close relationship between CSG students and faculty is immediately evident in the Upper School from the friendly and informal conversations that occur in the halls and in the student commons.

In Forms IX through XII (grades 9-12), from classroom to classroom, learning and teaching styles vary, but all students are encouraged to view themselves as collaborators in an educational process that focuses on the development of critical thinking skills and independent thought.

Well-equipped classrooms and two technology labs provide all students with the tools and skills to research and develop papers through the use of technology for science, math, foreign language and humanities classes. Classrooms are equipped with computers for student use and teacher demonstration.

Small classes, ranging from approximately 8 to 17 students, ensure every student one-on-one interaction with her teachers. Both faculty and students strive for excellence and for the development of full academic potential in each student. All classes are taught at an honors level and there are Advanced Placement courses for the most academically motivated.

CSG's long-standing tradition of rigorous instruction in a supportive and caring atmosphere creates a school environment that is busy, yet relaxed. Visitors and students are quickly welcomed into this community of learners, where academic performance, community service and strong friendships are respected and encouraged.

It is for these reasons and more that CSG has been designated a U.S. Department of Education Blue Ribbon High School. We proudly display the official flag that represents this accomplishment and honors the successes of our teachers and students.