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ScholarShop is CSG’s online apparel shop that benefits CSG scholarships, including the Alumnae Board Merit Scholarship.

New Alumnae Board Structure

In recent memory, the CSG Alumnae Board has been comprised of roughly 15 members. Each member has a designated title and responsibility. Those titles and responsibilities vary widely in terms of time commitment, duties, and importance.

To attempt to rectify these inequities and ensure greater Board involvement and engagement, the Executive Committee has proposed a re-organization of the Alumnae Board for the 2016-2017 year.

The Alumnae Board will retain the executive positions of President, President-Elect, Secretary, and Nominating Chair. However, rather than assign each Alumnae Board member a specific title, each board member will be asked to join one of three committees: Fundraising, Alumnae Events, and Engagement & Outreach. Each board member will be required to join at least one committee and is permitted to join up to two committees. Each committee will be led by a Chair. The Chair of each committee should have previously served on the Alumnae Board for at least one year.

There will also be the Young Alumnae Committee. That committee will be staffed and maintained in the same manner as it has for the last several years.

Below is an outline of the anticipated duties and responsibilities of each of the proposed committees:

Fundraising Committee

The Fundraising Committee will be primarily responsible for raising funds for the Alumnae Board Merit Scholarship and Annual Giving. The Fundraising Committee will have the discretion to modify any existing fundraising efforts.

Alumnae Events Committee

The Alumnae Events Committee will be primarily responsible for planning Alumnae Weekend, but will also be tasked with assisting in planning national, regional, and local alumnae events.

Engagement & Outreach Committee

The Engagement & Outreach Committee will be responsible for encouraging and maintaining relationships between local and national alumnae, students, and the school. To that end the committee members will recruit Class Reps for each alumnae class, keep all alumnae updated with school news, organize events for alumnae to attend at the school (sports events, plays, art exhibits, etc.), encourage networking and mentoring relationships between both alumnae and current students, and assist in planning nation-wide book or discussion groups.

It is anticipated that we will need 20 alumnae to fill these committees and positions.

All board members will continue to have the on-going obligation to attend all required meetings, all applicable Alumnae Board events, and to support the Annual Giving campaign. It has been proposed that the entire board will only need to meet every other month – i.e., September, November, January, March, and May. There may be additional meetings required outside of those meetings as needed, depending on that committee’s responsibilities and events. The executive committee and the chairs of each committee will meet on the non-full Board meeting months as well.

If you are interested in joining the Alumnae Board, please contact Jordan Hilbrands '07, jhilbrands@columbusschoolforgirls.org, for more information!

Alumnae Board 2016-2017
Kacey Chappelear '98 - President
Allison Ansari '05 - President Elect
Tamara Howard '01 - Secretary
Katie Logan '01 - Nominating Chair
Allison Elia Wisely '05 - Fundraising Chair
Emily Alonso-Taub '89 - Outreach Chair
Katy Shanahan '05 - Events Chair
Jane Coffman Wichman '80
Maria Dixon '05
Raleigh Burges Burgess '82
Michelle Harrison '07
Meredith Blatt '64
Angela Mentel '12
Maggie Wilson '10
JoVonna Moxley-Knapp '96
Jordan Hilbrands '07 - School Liaison

Young Alumnae Council
Katherine Exline '02
Katy Murnane Reis '00
Wendy Fahey Currier '02

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