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Meg Wilson '17

Gold Key Co-President

Journey to CSG

My twin sister and I started at CSG when I was a year and a half old. My Great grandmother, Great Aunt, Aunt and my Mom all went to CSG, so when my sister and I were born my parents decided they wanted us to be at CSG as well. I have been so grateful that my parents chose to send me to CSG.

Extracurricular highlights

I have run cross country since sixth grade
I have played piano since first grade

Favorite class at CSG

My favorite class I have taken at CSG was Civics. I did not expect to like the class as much as I did mostly because I did not know what the curriculum would be like. Once the class started I became extremely interested in all the current events we were discussing along with the discussions about government which helped explain certain events.

Special FACULTY/staff
at CSG and why

Karlyn Botzman, the athletic trainer, has worked at CSG since I was in eighth grade. Right before eighth grade I got a hip injury that took me out of my Cross Country Season so I ended up doing physical therapy with Karlyn for a couple months. Throughout the past five years it has been great to get to know Karlyn and her family even better! Her husband, Brian, has been my high school Cross Country coach and I have babysat their son Ben.

Favorite CSG tradition

It is very difficult to choose my favorite CSG tradition because there are so many great ones to choose from. I would have to say one of my top favorites is definitely Senior Day. This is when the Seniors put on a carnival in the gym for all the other students. They decorate the whole school based on their theme, which they keep a secret until Senior day which is the day before spring break. I am extremely excited to plan senior day this year!

Current Netflix binge

My favorite show of all time is One Tree Hill. I have definitely watched each episode more than once and I never get bored!

Favorite CSG lunch

My favorite CSG lunch is any day they have the vegetable soup. I usually have at least three bowls of it, it’s so good!

Best part about an all-girls environment

My favorite part about going to an all-girls school is not feeling like I have to do my hair or makeup for school. I also love wearing a uniform, as I don’t have to worry about what I am going to wear to school. But more importantly, CSG’s all girl environment has allowed me to feel comfortable in my own voice and in sharing my opinions no matter what. In addition, I feel that when I leave CSG for a co-ed environment, I will feel more than confident in speaking up in class and in knowing that my views and opinions are important.

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