FIRST Robotics

For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology


The FIRST Robotics Team at Columbus School for Girls is comprised of students and supported by mentors from The Ohio State University and parent advisors. The team designs and builds a robot in six weeks.


Columbus School for Girls is keenly aware of the under-representation of women in STEM fields. It is believed that a diverse workforce will help this country meet its future challenges with the creativity and innovation necessary. Therefore, CSG strives to increase opportunities for students to be exposed to the exciting world of invention, discovery, research and innovation, especially in high school, when students often make career decisions.

Since 2001, CSG has participated in the FIRST Robotics Program, a program whose purpose is to bring together the nation’s leading companies and universities in a united effort to win young minds to the wonders of science and technology. CSG offer programs at all levels; high school, middle school and lower school. FIRST currently offer over $16 million of scholarships with 25% of past CSG Team 677 receiving FIRST scholarship offers.

Upper School


Teaming up with The Ohio State University (OSU) engineering students, 27 girls in CSG's Upper School get a hands-on, inside look at an engineer’s profession. In six action-packed weeks, through a series of meetings, our team of high school students and OSU engineering students work together to brainstorm, design, construct, and test a robot. Every year they travel to one or two competition events where this autonomous and remote-controlled vehicle (weighing as much as 120 lbs.) will compete against other teams from across the country in tournaments complete with referees, cheerleaders, and time clocks.

Middle School

The Robotics Program at the Middle School level is offered as an extracurricular activity available to students in Form VII and form VIII. Team members take part in the international FIRST organization which assigns a new challenge each year culminating in a regional competition. The challenge has four components: a technical, research, and teamwork presentation in addition to building and programming an autonomous robot to perform specific tasks.

For the technical component the girls build a Lego® obstacle course. They design, build, and using NXT Mindstorms software they program a robot with a variety of attachments to accomplish a specific set of missions designated by FIRST Lego®. The teamwork component provides an opportunity to learn how to work together to accomplish multiple goals in a limited period of time and practiced the importance of gracious professionalism one of the key core value of FIRST.

Lower School

Robotics is an essential part of the Technology curriculum in Lower School. The robotics program at CSG begins in Lower School with Golly Gee Blocks, a 3D design tool. Building skills are first acquired with mechanical Legos. Interest in robotics grows with the programmable WeDo and NXT Lego robotics programs. Students employ higher level thinking and logic skills to use icon-driven Lego software to program the models to perform a series of events or commands. The Lego Robotics program in the Lower School allows students to construct, design, and program with technology.