College Counseling

College Counseling at Columbus School for Girls is a thoughtful, comprehensive program that begins with an evening parent-information session in the ninth grade and continues through senior year with intensive counseling of students and their families.

It is a highly individualized process where each girl, with the help of the college counselor, searches to find the right match for college. Students engage in self-discovery, self-assessment, and risk-taking.

Our goal is that CSG students find the right fit for college - a perfect place where they will continue to find their true voice and embrace their full potential.

School Profile

Want to learn more about graduation requirements, academic statistics, AP and Honors courses, and college enrollments?
College Admission Rep Visits

A special request to representatives of Ohio colleges and universities: As a courtesy to our out-of-state colleagues, we are asking that appointment times during the week of the NACAC National Conference (being held in Columbus, OH) be reserved for our out-of-state visitors (specifically September 19-23).

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