Emergency Contacts Information

My BackPack is used by the Nurse to contact you when your child is ill or needs medical attention. Please update your contact information as needed:

  • Parent/Guardian – home information
  • Parent/Guardian – work or daytime contact information
  • Emergency Contacts – phone and cell only
  • Physician – phone only
  • Dentist – phone only
  • Medical Specialists – phone only


Edit your contact information in
My BackPack.


The nurse will follow the guidelines established by the Ohio Department of Health Communicable Disease unit for all communicable illness. Communicable Disease Chart 

School Nurse

The school nurse supports the physical, mental, emotional, and social health of the students and is a member of the school support services team. Contact the school nurse anytime to communicate about your daughter’s health or illness-related issues which may impact her school day. Healthy children are successful learners.

The school nurse:

  • Provides direct care to students, faculty, and staff 
  • Trains faculty and staff for responding to emergency situations
  • Conducts health screenings and referrals as needed to health care providers
  • Promotes activities directed at achieving a healthy school environment including immunization compliance and communicable disease surveillance
  • Provides health education to the CSG community at large

 Click here for CSG Health Forms 

Health Screenings at School: (The nurse will notify parents of any screening results that indicate a physician referral is necessary.)

A vision screening will be done according to the procedure outlined in “Policies for Vision Conservation, Programs for Children- Ohio Department of Health”. Ocular muscle balance and stereopsis screening is also done in PYC and Form I.  All Forms screened are PYC, I, III, V, VII, IX, and all new students.  Teachers and parents may also request a student vision screening.

A hearing screening will be done according to the procedure outlined in “Policies for Hearing Conservation Programs for Children- Ohio Department of Health”, using pure tone audiometer. Forms screened are PYC, I, III, V, IX, and new students. Teachers and parents may also request a student hearing screening.

A posture screening will be done to determine the need for medical evaluation of any possible spinal deformity- scoliosis, kyphosis, or lordosis. All students in Form V and VII will be checked according to the National Scoliosis Foundation’s screening procedure using hands on and visual inspection. 

casd1.jpgDiann Casagrande, RN School Nurse 

614.252.0781 ext. 105

Health News

  • Healthy Students Learn!

    Posted March 3, 2015

    It is exciting to see the many holistic health-focused activities that have increased in recent years for our students. CSG is getting healthier!

  • Notes from the School Nurse

    Posted October 9, 2014

    The health office has been busy, mostly with minor cold or allergy ailments.